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Welcome to Innovational Journal of Chemistry (IJChem)!!

Journal welcomes you for submission of research papers, which report studies concerning innovative chemistry in field of medicinal, organic, analytical, natural products. Innovational Journal of Chemistry (IJChem) is highly quality peer review international journal in the field of chemistry. The Innovational Journal of Chemistry is a global journal that publishes studies on all aspects of chemistry, it provides a medium for publication of original papers, laboratory notes, short or preliminary communications, and invited reviews. The “Innovational Journal of Chemistry” is intended for scientists and specialists at research institutes, universities, and other educational establishments; for students at institutions of higher education; and for analysts working in industry, agriculture, medicine, and environmental services. Proper statistical treatment of the data should be provided. Relevant literature should be cited, including related publications by the authors, and authors should discuss how their proposed methodology compares with previously reported methods.

Area of Research

  • Medicinal Chemistry: Synthesis, Characterization of organic compounds having the biological and medicinal activity, SAR, QSAR studies, molecular modeling studies to investigate the pharmacophoric features of ligands/target proteins, Pharmacokinetic studies of drugs and their metabolites, drug design, drug-receptor interactions; molecular aspects of drug metabolism; prodrug synthesis and drug targeting High-throughput screening, biological behavior, pharmacological activity, novel methodology with broad application to medicinal chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Characterization of organic compounds by spectroscopic method, synthesis of small organic molecules/ small peptides, characterization of natural products, characterization of drug metabolites, new method of synthesis of drugs, synthesis of natural products, Asymetric synthesis, stereochemistry, new reaction.
  • Analytical Chemistry: Fundamental research on all aspects of analytical theory and methodology, such as innovative instrumental, chemical and biological approaches, detectors and sensors, sample analyzing methods and data analyzing are encouraged. covers theoretical and objects analyzed applied aspects of analytical chemistry; new instruments; and reagents. Consideration is given to the detection and determination of metal ions, anions, and various organic, medicinal important and other substances. Analysis of toxins, metabolites, Establishment of analytical methods like HPLC, UV, UPLC, GC, GC-MS, LCMS, HPTLC, FTIR for identification/quantification of organic/inorganic/medicinal compounds, validation of analytical & bio-analytical method, newer analytical method, Biochemical analysis.
  • Natural Product Chemistry: Chemistry, Isolation methods of Pure natural compounds, characterization, pharmacological activity, therapeutic uses, biological product, biotechnology product, natural haromens, proteins, carbohydrate etc
  • Therapeutic area: Antiviral, Anti-HIV, anticancer, cardiovascular system disorder, neuronal disorder, antidiabetic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antihistaminic, drugs acting on respiratory system, reproductive system, harmones, NSAID, narcotic drug, Anti-fungal, etc.